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Golder outlines the way to responsible Shale gas extraction Friday, Aug 08, 2014

Unconventional gas extraction has set North America in good stead for energy security for the coming century, yet the practice continues to face scrutiny in Europe. While the public image of hydraulic fracturing is unlikely to be turned around overnight, it is imperative that operators and regulators use the available tools and information to implement best practice.

In this article from European Oil & Gas Magazine, Henry Lang, UK Oil & Gas Sector Leader at Golder Associates, argues that if operators take appropriate precautions, hydraulic fracturing can be monitored, closely regulated and accurately reported. He says that by establishing a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of how hydraulic fracturing can be undertaken responsibly, European operators stand to gain much.

Lang states that responsible shale gas extraction requires two things above all else: carefully analysed reservoirs and comprehensive water management strategies – and explains that if best practice is closely followed, operators can change many of the more difficult misconceptions that cloud a viable source of energy. From analysing with DFN-technology to creating comprehensive water management strategies, everything has to be of the highest standard and planned well in advance. By establishing the plans early, hydraulic fracturing is far more likely to satisfy social, environmental and regulatory demands. With this in place, responsible shale gas development is achievable.

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