Written question – Shale gas – E-006463/2014

Parliamentary questions

1 September 2014


Question for written answer

to the Commission

Rule 130

Nadine Morano (PPE)

Subject:  Shale gas

Energy is fundamental to the industrial and geopolitical future of the EU: cheap energy and guaranteed supplies could help to lift European industry out of the current crisis. The EU can be a stable and powerful partner if it is not dependent on one region or one group of producers for its energy supplies.

Although Member States are free to choose where they get their energy from, the EU has a duty to invest in research into and new ways of exploiting the raw materials which are available on its territory and which could reduce its energy dependence.

1. Does the Commission intend to analyse the potential of shale gas to help the EU achieve its 2020 targets?

2. Does it intend to support research into shale gas extraction?

3. Does it intend to assist the Member States in mapping and ultimately extracting shale gas deposits when this becomes technologically and environmentally feasible?

Original language of question: FR

Last updated: 19 September 2014

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