Was decision over Lancashire’s fracking plans right? – Lancashire Evening Post

A small majority of people say a decision to reject fracking plans in Lancashire was the wrong one.

Following the decision by Fylde Council to reject plans submitted by Cuadrilla Resources, the Evening Post asked readers online if they supported the decision.

The online survey found that 57 per cent (3,434) did not think the decision was right- and 43 per cent (2,610) did.

Fylde Council objected to fracking for shale gas at Plumpton Hall Farm, Preston New Road, Westby, and at Roseacre Hall Farm, near Treales. But they didn’t object to monitoring operations at Grange Road at Singleton and at Plumpton Hall Farm.

A Cuadrilla spokesman said: “The UK will need solar, wind, nuclear and gas to meet our electricity and heating needs for many years to come. This online survey of LEP readers shows that many believe like us that the development of natural gas from UK shale could have an important role to play in helping to secure the UK’s energy future.”

Helen Rimmer, North West campaigner at Friends of the Earth said: “Despite the industry and Government hyping up fracking, most people are still undecided – and when you look behind the hype, the frackers’ argument on safety, jobs and energy security collapses like a house of cards. Wherever fracking is proposed there is significant and informed community opposition – a petition of residents in Roseacre where one frack site is proposed showed a majority against, and 20,000 people across Lancashire have objected to Cuadrilla’s plans.”

A Fylde Council spokesman added: “Fylde Council is keen to ensure that any shale gas planning application considers all aspects of regulation, safety, monitoring and the local environment. We put the safety of the public first.”

Bernard Whittle, of the North West Energy Task Force, said: “This poll shows there is a clear silent majority in Lancashire that supports locally sourced natural gas.”

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