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Following the huge impact of shale gas production on US energy supplies, the first steps have been taken to exploit shale plays in Europe. In the UK, a number of high potential shales exist and the 14th Onshore Round has just been announced. However, recent UK shale resource estimates differ widely and the true potential has been hotly debated.

For anyone attempting to negotiate their way through this debate, a new report from upstream consultancy Novas, prepared in collaboration with geoscience data specialists TGS, provides an in-depth evaluation of UK shale plays, offering a resolution to the differing resource estimates.

Applying a commercially-focused approach, including consideration of engineering and economic factors, the study draws on digital data from more than 60 onshore wells, employing a rigorous shale fairway evaluation methodology to map the plays,  assess their resource potential and identify the ‘sweet spots’. The report provides geochemical and petrophysical analysis, play fairway maps, resource distribution maps and ranked inventories of available acreage.

The resulting comprehensive technical and economic analysis, running to more than 300 pages and 150 enclosures, represents the first independent and authoritative assessment of UK shale potential and will prove an invaluable resource for the 14th Round evaluation and beyond.

Download a detailed summary and full contents listing of the report below to find out more:

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