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The leading 20 players in the shale gas market comprise a broad range of companies, including the supermajors, large international energy companies and smaller independent companies specialising in shale gas. With prices at a level where only some shale deposits are currently economic to produce, each company’s current position and future strategy will be crucial to their success in the $33.2bn shale gas market.

The success of North American shale gas production and the abundance of shale gas resources throughout the world have encouraged a number of countries to begin exploring and developing their own shale resources. However, the markets outside of the US and Canada are still in their infancy and the top 20 companies are populated by those targeting shale in these two countries.

Targeting liquids-rich, or ‘wet gas’ formations, can substantially improve the economics of gas extraction from shale rock. Against this backdrop, therefore, it is very important to understand which companies have the best acreage for such development and are pioneering the techniques that enable shale gas extraction to be economic moving forward.

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