Test drilling for methane: The debate | South Wales Evening Post

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IT’S an issue that has passionate for and against camps.

And with more plans to test drill for Methane Gas being submitted across the Swansea Bay area, Rachel Moses-Lloyd looked at the arguments.

THERE’S a battle going on across South Wales.

It’s between those who want to use natural energy sources sitting under the Welsh ground, and those who don’t.


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Often mistaken for hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — test drilling applications to check for methane gas on coal beds across the Swansea Bay area keep coming up on council agendas.

Recently, UK Methane, a Bridgend-based company applied to Neath Port Talbot Council for temporary permission to drill an exploratory borehore to test for coal bed methane and shale gases in the Foel Fynddau forest, Pontrhydyfen.

But instantly, the community rallied together to hold a public meeting to raise concerns about the plans.

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