Shale revolution set to take centre stage at SPE Aberdeen event – Energy Voice

The shale gas revolution will take the lead at an SPE Aberdeen presentation next week.

In a lecture given by Joseph H. Frantz, the vice president of engineering with Range Resources Corporation, will address the technological advancements that have driven shale gas development.

Production from US shale reservoirs has increased tenfold since 2007 and suggests that shale gas could play a central role in the future of UK energy – estimates indicate shale gas could provide more than a third of total UK consumption by 2020 which will reduce dependency on imported gas up to 27% by 2035.

Ahead of the lecture, Mr Frantz said: “Shale gas could provide significant long-term local energy options for the UK as North Sea production declines.

“The extraction of shale gas through techniques such as hydraulic fracturing brings with it a range of manageable challenges. This highlights the importance of industry working with governments, regulators, academia and the public more collaboratively to maximise the immense benefits from this opportunity, while fostering the use of best practices.”

Mr Frantz will also discuss the influence of shale gas on the economy.

‘Shale Plays: How Technology, Governments, Regulators, Academia and the Public Have Changed the World’s Energy Supply and Demand Equation’ will take place from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday, 24 September at the Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen.

via Shale revolution set to take centre stage at SPE Aberdeen event – Energy Voice.