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This year again, Global Frackdown –  an international day of action against fracking, shale gas and the development of unconventional oil and gas – will take place on 11th October. A lot of events are planned across the world for this third edition.

Many things will happen in Europe too, which shows that the public opposition against this type of energy is far from lessening. This morning the NGOs FOEE and Food & Water Europe organised an action in front of the European Parliament in Brussels in order to alert European deputies on all the risks concerning shale gas and fracking, this both in terms of climate change and local pollution.

The Greens/EFA Members joined them to show their solidarity with the anti-fracking movement. The group also pushed for a political debate on several petitions about  off-shore oil drilling and shale gas in the canary islands. This will finally take place in the European Parliament this morning.

The new elected EU Parliament and the future EU Commission cannot ignore the fears expressed bycitizens. They must give them the signal that they have been able to listen to them by supporting ambitious policies on environmental protection, public participation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. These will help convincing Member States that abandoning all fossil fuels and giving a strong push to green energy sources are in the interests of their countries, their economy and their people.

The Greens have been fighting for many years in the European Parliament to ensure not only that Europe becomes the world leader in renewable energy sources but also that it is really capable of leading the way when it comes to the UN climate discussions. If Europe will not be able to solve the entire climate crisis on its own, it can create a virtuous circle by taking concrete steps and rapidly abandoning all dirty energy sources that increase global warming.

Today many solutions exist and many studies have shown that phasing out of all fossil fuels in the EU can be done in an effective and cost efficient way while creating a lot of new jobs and perspectives. The only thing that is really missing is political will. Everywhere hundreds of citizens are on the move, pushing for alternatives. They now expect the EU institutions to do the same.




Note that Global Frackdown will also coincide with another important event: the pan European day on of protest on the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the EU-Canada Comprehensive Trade and Economic Agreement (CETA) & the Trade and Services Agreement (TiSA) where serious risk regarding the development of shale gas sources exist. For more information on TTIP follow our campaign @TTIPBeware

On Friday 10th October, our Green Member from Lithuania Bronis Ropé, sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Lithuania to express his concerns regarding the intention of his country to establish minimal taxation for hydrocarbons’ exploration and exploitation of activities. This letter was signed by 32 MEPs.

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