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The prospects for shale gas production are significant and hold much promise but there are considerable aspects of uncertainty with respect to the size and economics of this resource. While there are many large shale formations, some formations such as the Marcellus are so large that it has been possible to do extensive production testing on only a limited portion of the entire formation. Moreover most of the shale gas wells drillings have been recent and this gives rise to apprehensions and considerable uncertainty regarding their long term productivity.

Though there have been achievements with regard to development of well drilling and completion technology there is uncertainty in the future course of development of technology that would enable the country to substantially increase well productivity and reduce production costs.

Combined with the technical advances that have helped access huge and previously inaccessible natural gas reserves and the production capability in the industry, there has been increased interest in the US shale gas industry, both on the production and exploration side. In recent months and years we have seen many multibillion dollar shale gas development deals over the past year. American and global companies have shown an interest in the industry that is seen to have much potential.

Between 2008 and 2012, the country saw investments of about US$ 130 Billion in tight oil and shale gas projects and about a fifth of these came from abroad through joint ventures.

Key Topics Covered:

1. US Shale Gas Industry Overview

2. Shale Gas Sector – Exploration, Technical and Technology Aspects

3. US Shale Gas Reserve Analysis

4. Investments in Shale Gas Exploration & Production

5. US Shale Gas Production Analysis

6. US Shale Gas Sector Dynamics

7. US Shale Gas Development Future Outlook

8. Shale Boom to Drive LNG Export Projects

9. US Shale Gas Regulatory Aspects

10. Competitive Landscape

– Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

– BHP Billiton

– CONSOL Energy Inc

– Chesapeake Energy Corporation

– Devon Energy Corporation

– Encana Corporation

– Exxon Mobil Corporation

– Marathon Oil

– Noble Energy

– Southwestern Energy Compa

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