Putin expects Ukraine’s gas problem to be resolved next week

Sochi. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday he expected Ukraine’s gas problem to be finally resolved next week, TASS reported.

“I very much hope that this problem will be resolved shortly. I hope it will be finally resolved next week,” Putin said at a meeting of the Valdai discussion club in Sochi.

The Russian president said, however, that if Russia and Ukraine failed to agree, a threat would emerge again that Kiev might siphon off Russian natural gas from Russia’s export pipeline. “And then, of course, a crisis is possible, which is very undesirable for us,” Putin said.

Russia will never be a cause for any crisis, Putin said. “We’ll fulfill all the terms of deliveries accurately and on time, in compliance with all contractual obligations,” the Russian president said.

Russia works under long-term contracts, which guarantee European consumers that specific gas volumes will be supplied within specific periods at specific prices, Putin said. Russia has never violated its obligations, he said.

via Putin expects Ukraine’s gas problem to be resolved next week.