Penobsquis property owners worry about community’s future – New Brunswick |

PENOBSQUIS, N.B. – Penobsquis residents want the next elected government to pay attention to their concerns around shale gas exploration.

Resource company Corridor Resources has several shale gas well pads in the area, including on Cynthia McEwan’s property. She says she’s concerned about its impact on the environment.

“There was a spill last year and they were supposed to clean it up but before they could clean it up the pad itself did have some flooding,” she said. “We never did find out if they did get the spill fixed.”

McEwan said the shale gas well pad was installed about ten years ago.

“Rather than go through expropriation you basically sign off and say go ahead,” she said.

She says the company pays the family a small fee for using the pad on their property. But says it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

“The amount they pay is not worth the headache and hassle for them being here,” she said.

Other residents say the industry has left them with more questions than answers.

“Nobody knows what they’re using in the ground to frack it and there’s just too many unanswered questions,” said Gary Thomas.

On Thursday, NB Green Party leader David Coon visited the area. He said his party is listening to their concerns.

“The Green Party would cancel the leases and licenses for shale gas exploration and to issue any new ones. This is not sustainable and it’s not safe.”

Shale gas development has been a major issue throughout the election. The Progressive Conservatives say it could boost the province’s economy.

The Liberals are calling for a moratorium until more studies have been completed.

The NDP are calling for a ban on shale gas exploration.

As for McEwan, she hopes the newly elected government will listen to residents in her area.

“We haven’t had any luck with assistance or help of any government,” she said.

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