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A report has been released which discusses North American shale gas plays by giving the details of geological setting, resource estimate, reservoir properties, companies operating in that shale area, current activity, key company information and competitive landscape.

Canada has a series of large hydrocarbon basins with thick, organic-rich shales.  The risked shale gas in place for Canada is estimated at 2,413 trillion cubic feet, with 573 trillion cubic feet as risked, technically recoverable shale gas resource. As new drilling occurs and more details is obtained on these large, emerging shale plays, the estimates of the size of their in place resources and their recoverability will change.

The oil and gas industry in Canada was founded upon production of oil and natural gas from ‘conventional’ reservoirs, because they are the easiest to get out of the ground. However, conventional reservoirs are the smallest portion of Canada’s total oil and gas resources. ‘Unconventional’ reservoirs contain greater proportion of Canada’s hydrocarbon resources.

Industry needs to develop unconventional resources, such as tight oil, tight gas and shale gas, in order to have a continued supply of oil and gas now and into the future.

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via Overview of Canada shale business: report | Shale Energy Insider.