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A platform which data journalists can use to find, upload and visualise data is launching a new Chrome extension to bring access to its library of data to the user as they browse content online.Knoema, which launched in public beta two years ago, features an extensive library of data relating to countries from across the world, covering subjects such as healthcare, education, inflation and the stock market.Vladamir Bougay, chief technical officer at Knoema, said the platform aims to cover the complete data journalism process, acting not just as a data source, but can also be used to create a range of embeddable visualisations, from simple line and bar charts, through to advanced maps.There are a series of tutorials on YouTube, covering techniques such as how to format a spreadsheet so users can upload their own data, as well as how to build visualisations on the platform.Now the site is launching a Chrome extension which will link together content from across the web with relevant data and visualisations already existing on Knoema.

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