New Book Documents Hydraulic Fracturing’s Promise for America | Heartlander Magazine

In a sobering and depressing lesson about the goals and global influence of environmental extremist groups, Levant lists the vast quantities of natural gas in shale formations around the world that cannot be developed because of political opposition and the influence of environmental activists on governments. Anti-fracking activists are able to block fracking in many these nations because government owns all the mineral rights and therefore can be used by activists to shut down fracking. Private property rights in the United States will give us a competitive advantage over these nations for decades to come.

One of the favorite attacks made by anti-fracking folks is the assertion fracking uses large amounts of water. Levant offers voluminous statistics to prove water use by fracking is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount used to water lawns, irrigate agriculture, or produce ethanol.

He also explains why there is virtually no risk of hydraulic fracturing causing any meaningful pollution of groundwater. In addition to it being almost impossible for fracking compounds to migrate vertically through hundreds or thousands of feet of impermeable rock to reach the water table, hydraulic fracturing compounds are more than 99 percent water and sand and are actually drinkable.

Levant closes his excellent book with detailed descriptions of each European nation’s potential for shale gas development and the many nefarious groups working successfully to hold back progress. This provides an advance roadmap of which European nations are poised to join us in our energy renaissance if they have the political will to stand up to environmental extremists.

Groundswell is an easy and enlightening read about America’s newest success story.

via New Book Documents Hydraulic Fracturing’s Promise for America | Heartlander Magazine.