Nationwide protest against drilling for shale gas in Bulgaria

Sofia. Protests against feasibility studies and drilling for shale gas, tight gas and coalbed methane (also known as coal seam gas) will be staged in the three biggest Bulgarian cities – Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. The protest is organized by Initiative Committee “For Clean Bulgaria” – Varna. The demands of demonstrators are for real legislative, administrative and technology measures, for implementation of the adopted in 2012 perpetual injunction against hydraulic mining technology on the territory and aquatories of the Bulgarian sector of the Black Sea. The Initiative Committee said that the purpose of the protests is to inform all Bulgarians that the extraction of the coal gas, tight gas, shale gas, gas hydrants in the Black Sea and underground coal gasification are inextricably tied to fracking. According to them, the state is the first to violate the existing ban.

Protesters insist the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism to suspend all permits and contracts for exploration and production of oil and gas (especially companies that placard in front of the world that will use fracking) until appoint specialists with the appropriate equipment, until write control regulations, until organize monitoring in order to have all needed prerequisites for entry of prohibition law.

via Nationwide protest against drilling for shale gas in Bulgaria.