MOORE: Fracking is the answer to global warming – Washington Times

President Obama raised a lot of eyebrows here and abroad when he declared in his United Nations climate-change speech: “Over the past eight years, the United States has reduced our total carbon pollution by more than any other nation on Earth.”

It’s absolutely true — though labeling carbon dioxide a “pollution” is highly disputable. The fact that we have reduced carbon-dioxide emissions more than any other nation is especially remarkable because we as a nation didn’t sign the Kyoto Treaty, pass a carbon-dioxide tax or enact Mr. Obama’s cap-and-trade agenda.



Most Americans are probably surprised by this news because we’ve been scolded nearly every day that America is the major source of all these satanic gases that are burning up the planet. Instead, since 2005, our emissions are down by roughly 10 percent. Not bad.

The issue is how America has reduced its carbon-dioxide footprint, and here is where the real surprise lies.

If you think the answer is that we’ve transitioned to green energy, you are completely wrong.

The game-changer for the United States has been the shale oil and gas revolution over the past six years brought about through new smart drilling technologies. The United States is now the largest natural-gas producer in the world. We have replaced Russia as No. 1. As America has produced more natural gas, we have shifted away from coal. This, according to the Energy Information Administration, accounts for more than 60 percent of the carbon-dioxide emission reductions in the United States. Mr. Obama never mentioned that.

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