Money For Minerals | ABOUT US

The Company

MoneyForMinerals is a privately held corporation located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is powered by the most trusted names in the industry. MoneyForMinerals mission is to work solely for the landowner creating a competitive bidding environment which in turn drives the mineral offer prices higher. The company has received considerable recognition in the Oil and Gas industry.

Why You Need Us

Let’s face it, not all companies are the same so we take out the guesswork. No landowner should expect to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to understand all of the contractual language and pricing related to mineral buying, much less the reputable companies that are out there.MoneyForMinerals proprietary system does all the work and eliminates the time consuming task of shopping multiple mineral buyers. We will connect you with up to 3 mineral buyers depending on where you live, how many acres you own, and if you are currently receiving royalty checks. Each one of our mineral buyers will undergo a detailed application before being approved on our system. Our team at MoneyForMinerals will follow up with you to ensure that you are satisfied throughout the process.MoneyforMinerals was founded on the premise that when you put the big Oil and Gas companies competing with one another– the Landowner gets the best deal. Now you can make a sound financial decision with greater control and confidence.

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