LLE proposes shale operations in London | Shale Energy Insider

London Local Energy (LLE), a new energy firm, has applied for licenses to begin fracking in three separate areas of London. The company is run by Nick Grealy, an outspoken proponent of shale gas extraction.

The deadline set by the UK government for future fracking applications has recently passed. Most of those previously considered have been in rural areas rather than in central urbanised land.

The proposals submitted by LLE are not exclusive to London and also cover areas outside of London in Surrey and Merton.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Grealy said, “the public debate on fracking has been uninformed and we want to prove to people that we can have an oil and gas industry in London”.

Mr Grealy indicated that the project was fully financed for at least a year and was in communication with potential investors to support the plans for the future.

Mr Grealy countered two arguments of those who oppose fracking on the grounds of noise pollution and the space required to establish facilities. He argued that given the busy city environment, the impact of fracking operations in terms of noise pollution would be negligible. Furthermore he asserted that, despite a notorious lack of space in London, as the drilling in shale extraction is mainly horizontal, the room required was less than many would expect.

Taking the US as an example model, the UK government is keen to proceed with shale extraction to reduce Britain’s reliance on overseas imports, by exploiting its own resources. In addition, these processes are hoped to developing new technologies and industry to further boost economic growth.

via LLE proposes shale operations in London | Shale Energy Insider.