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It Is My Shale Gas and I Want It Now

The shale gas that lies beneath the surface of Upstate New York belongs to real people who need it now. It’s time they stood up for themselves!

I recently read a comment on an online anti-drilling site that made me laugh out loud.  I have made and read many comments on many articles, but surely this one deserved first place in three specific categories; Most Ignorant, Most Thoughtless and Most Typical.


The writer was complaining about a pipeline that will deliver natural gas to other peoples’ homes. Here is the substance of the comment:

Pipelines are a bad thing. They have to cut down lots of trees through the woods. During construction of one near my home, traffic was bad due to the many trucks and equipment being used to build the pipeline. If I knew that pipeline was going by my home I wouldn’t have built my “Log Cabin” in Lycoming County.

It makes you wonder if the term “tree hugger” is being abused by ignorant tree huggers.    This is not what I am writing about, but it reminded me of funny anecdotes they print in Readers Digest, so I thought I would share it.

My post today is about the hypocrisy of anti-drilling advocates and one of their main arguing points. Those of us who want drilling in New York have heard it hundreds of times. It has been spoken out loud at many public hearings and town meetings. It is a statement I am sure tee’s off many many people; an argument that makes as much sense as throwing a cinderblock to a drowning person.

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