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Installing on Windows 8

Install the Postgres database from (This is what PostgreSQL officially recommends.)

First, click the relevant download: either “Win x86-32” or “Win x86-64”. (If you know you’re using 64-bit Windows, choose the “64”. If you’re unsure, choose “32”.)

When prompted to save or run, choose “Run”. Choose “Yes” when prompted to make changes to your computer.

Click “Next”, “Next”, “Next”. (Don’t change the installation directory, or Overview won’t work.)

When asked for a password, enter postgres twice. (You can enter anything, really; Overview ignores this completely, and you won’t ever need to type it in again.)

Click “Next”, “Next”, “Next”

Uncheck the “Stack Builder” checkbox, then click “Finish”

(If you care, open your “Control Panel”, go to “Administrative Tasks”, “Services”, “Postgresql” and change “Startup Type” to “Manual”. Overview needs PostgreSQL to be installed, but it doesn’t need it to be running so you can disable it.)

Install Java 7. (It might be installed already; you can check in “Programs” in the Control Panel.)

Browse to and click “Free Java Download”.

Click “Agree and Start Free Download”. When prompted, choose “Run” and “Yes”.

Click “Install”

Uncheck “Install the Ask Toolbar” and click “Next”.

Click “Close”. A web browser window will pop up; you may close it.

Download the latest release of from

Extract all the files from this zip file into a folder.

Inside the extracted folder, double-click on Overview for Windows.

Browse to http://localhost:9000 and log in as with password

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