Halliburton using larger volumes of sand due to well re-designs

Halliburton is using larger volumes of fracking fluid and sand due to the intensity of well design enhancements in the Bakken and Niobrara formations, says a post on Niobraranews.net.

During a presentation at the Barclays Energy-Power Conference, Halliburton management implied that redesigning wells had increased frac sand consumption substantially. The increased volumes have presented new logistical challenges concerning the delivery of enough frac sand to well sites. Halliburton stated that sand consumption has increased from 20 rail cars to about 75 cars per well.

Due to railways being congested with increased oil traffic and competing industries such as agriculture, Halliburton has expanded its trans-loading facility. Additionally, the company has contracted about 30 new trucking companies to move supplies to wellheads with greater ease, avoiding the bottlenecks in the rail system.

During the conference presentation Mark McCollum, Halliburton CFO, stated “we are very excited about North America. Things are going very, very well. And we continue to hold to our projections about what’s happening on the revenue front, and from the profitability front as well, when we look at on an overall basis.”

via Halliburton using larger volumes of sand due to well re-designs.