Great People I have met in Africa No 3

During the Eighteenth century there was a very powerful Arab slave trader called TippuTip. He was based on the Eastern bank of the Congo river around Kasongo in the North Katanga. He persuaded the  proud young Paramount Chief of the Battetela, Nongo Lutete, to act as his agent capturing slaves throughout the Eastern Congo. Around most Central and Eastern Congo villages there is a huge mound fortifications to this day where the villagers fought the Battetela slave raiders. Even as far as Kikondja on Lake Kisale there was a base for the Battetela Slave Traders.From his huge raiding base at Ngandu on the Banks of the Lomami River the slave raiders would move out to capture Basonge slaves. They then sent them on the slave-trade routes across the Congo river to TippuTip’s headquarters then into Tanganyika and finally to Zanzibar where they were shipped off to Oman.Chief Lumpungu persuaded the Belgians of the Congo Free State, to join him in fighting Nongo Lutete and ridding the Centre of the Congo of this desperate cursed slave trade.[2] Eventually the Belgians and Lumpungu won.Pasteur Mpita Mbele Kipushya CongoIt is sure and certain that the Kingdom of LIGHT will defeat the Kingdom of DARKNESS because the Might King of Kings and Lord of Lords will come again not as a baby in Bethlehem but as LORD and Judge of everyone. It is appointed unto man once to die and after this the JUDGMENT. Escape the Slavery of the Kingdom of Darkness now by Trusting in the Saviour today. The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Source: Great People I have met in Africa No 3