Glass Technology Services joins ecorpStim shale research consortium

eCORP Stimulation Technologies, LLC has announced the addition of the Glass Technology Services (GTS), Sheffield, UK, to ecorpStim’s clean shale stimulation research and development consortium.

The clean shale stimulation research and development consortium

Scientists at GTS who have many years’ experience in novel uses of glass-based materials will assist the consortium research team – which includes doctors and scientists at Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, the Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University, and its collaborative partner University of Grenoble – in evaluating and furthering developments in delivery of ecorpStim’s non-water, chemical-free stimulation technologies.

The addition of GTS to the ecorpStim research consortium is important to furthering ecorpStim’s goals of advancing proprietary concepts for the use of silica, the raw material with which glass is made, in the environmentally sustainable development of shale hydrocarbon production.

Environmentally sustainable development of shale hydrocarbon production

One such patent pending technology involves the novel combination of two components only – a stimulation fluid (heptafluoropropane) and a proppant (mesoporous silica) – both of which are approved in different forms of medical treatments.

ecorpStim’s proprietary (patent pending) Pure Propane Stimulation and Non-Flammable Propane Stimulation technologies are being developed to reduce the environmental impacts associated with shale development to being only clean and temporary use of the well site.

About Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS)

Based in Sheffield UK, GTS is a multi-disciplinary centre for testing, consultancy and research and development, specialising in glass and related materials. Accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and 17025 standards, GTS provides a wide range of services to food and drink manufacturers, the design and construction industry, medical, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, energy and defense sectors across the UK and internationally.

About ecorpStim

The company ecorpStim (eCORP Stimulation Technologies, LLC) was created in 2012 to provide European countries, as well as those with limited water resources, with alternatives to hydraulic fracturing, based on pure home grade propane and without the use of chemicals, or on heptafluoropropane (in the case of NFP Stimulation).

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