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Germany moves closer to fracking ban



Published: 31/07/2014 – 08:09 | Updated: 31/07/2014 – 08:29

Fracking installation. UK, 2011. [Justin Wooford/Flickr]

Germany has a moratorium on the use of fracking technology to extract unconventional fossil fuels but the method is not banned, something the country’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA) hopes to change with swift regulation. EurActiv Germany reports.

Maria Krautzberger, the President of the Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA), presented the organisation’s new Fracking-II assessment in Berlin on Wednesday (30 July).

Her conclusions were clear-cut. “As long as crucial risks related to this technology cannot be predicted and likewise cannot be controlled, fracking should not be used in Germany to extract shale and coalbed gas,” she said.

“Fracking is and remains a risky technology. For this reason it requires tight safeguards to protect the environment and health,” Krautzberger said in a statement.

Shale gas is touted as a welcome alternative to traditional fossil fuels. The technology is backed by employers organisations, which argue shale exploitation in Europe can decrease dependency on imported gas from Russia at a time when tensions with Moscow are at their highest since the Cold War.

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