Gas industry pushing back agaisnt severance tax – Pittsburgh Business Times

With talk of a severance tax swirling in the air during this election season, Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry appears to be pushing back .

To illustrate: The Marcellus Shale Coalition has released a two-minute video that calls attention to the $630 million producers have paid in impact fees over the past three years.

The video, which is posted on YouTube, points out that impact fee revenue has helped fund a variety of public projects throughout the state.

In announcing the video, David Spigelmyer, the coalition’s president, said the impact fee is making “important community-focused investments possible.”

“The safe development of job-creating shale gas continues to deliver positive benefits for the entire commonwealth. Small business is growing, our region’s manufacturing base is being revitalized, consumers are seeing more stable energy costs, and Pennsylvania’s workforce – especially organized labor – is realizing huge opportunities,” he said in a statement.

The Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association also issued a statement saying that calls for a severance tax “ignore the huge infusion of revenue being paid by natural gas producers and service companies to the state’s tax base.”

“Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry is paying more than its fair share of taxes, including an estimated $2 billion in state and local taxes since 2007 and more than $630 million in impact fees in just the past three years, with much of that money being directed to rural communities that have long been neglected by Harrisburg lawmakers,” said Louis D. D’Amico, the association’s executive director.

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