– Drilling the Taylorsville basin

Let’s start with facts. Shale gas drilling has been conclusively linked to polluted water wells. A 2013 Duke University study found that the closer you lived to a drilling operation in Pennsylvania, the more likely you were to have drinking water contaminated with methane and ethane. The likely culprit for the contamination: failed well casings.

Also in Pennsylvania, officials confirmed that gas and oil drilling activities were to blame for contaminating or diminishing the flow to 209 water supplies in 77 different communities throughout the state since 2008. In some cases, water wells contained explosive levels of gas.

Spills of fracking fluids and wastewater can also pollute streams and groundwater. A recent rig blowout at a Pennsylvania drilling site spilled more 200,000 gallons of fracking fluids and prompted the evacuation of nearby homes. Other spills have caused fish kills and contaminated the Susquehanna River.

via – Drilling the Taylorsville basin.