Fracking protests back at council meeting (From York Press)

RACKING is to be subject of further debate at next week’s full council – for the second time in four months.

At the last full meeting of the council, in July, a petition signed by 1,400 people was presented to councillors, pleading with them to declare York a “frack free zone” and stop the gas extraction practice coming to city.

Green campaigners and councillors spoke at July the meeting of fears, and this month council will be consider a motion tabled by Labour councillor Anna Semlyen asking for the council to publicly state it wants to resist planning applications for drilling for shale gas, and deter applications from drilling companies.

And while the last meeting saw the petition presented and a debate take place with no chance for a vote, this motion will force councillors to either vote for or against Cllr Semlyen’s proposition.

But campaigners from Frack Free York have said the motion does not go far enough. A spokesman for the group said they are concerned about mining practices which see shallow coal seams drilled to have gas extracted using high pressure water, and another which sets underground coal seams on fire to extract gases and generate electricity .

He said coal seam gas and underground coal gasification should also be covered by the motion, but said: “Even if passed with the current wording, it makes York’s position on greenhouse gases and climate change very clear.”

via Fracking protests back at council meeting (From York Press).