Fracking firm considers legal action over licence – RTÉ News

The company that wants to extract shale gas in border counties using the controversial fracking process may begin a legal challenge to decisions of Northern Ireland’s power-sharing administration.

Yesterday, Northern Ireland’s Minister for Enterprise, Arlene Foster, announced she would not be extending the licence of Tamboran Resources mining company.

Tamboran is an international energy company with Australians and Americans in senior management positions.

It believes there may be very significant shale gas deposits beneath the surface in the border counties and wants to begin exploratory drilling in Co Fermanagh.

It plans to use fracking, which is permitted in parts of the United States and is supported by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

It owns land around a quarry near the village of Belcoo.

Significant numbers of people from counties Fermanagh, Cavan, Leitrim and Sligo have protested outside the Tamboran site.

In August, Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, refused the company permission to drill a bore hole to collect rock samples.

Yesterday, Ms Foster said she would not be granting the licence extension required by the company to continue working.

Tamboran has indicated it is making legal preparations for a judicial review of the decisions.

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