EcoStim manoeuvres pumping fleet to harness Argentina shale growth | Oil and Gas Technology

Eco-Stim Energy Solutions has announced that it has placed an order for its second pressure pumping fleet to be deployed in Neuquén, Argentina, home of the world’s third largest shale play

The company has had expressions of interest from numerous customers as the demand for quality pressure pumping equipment continues to grow.

“This equipment is being purchased from a local Argentine manufacturer who also helped with certain key components of our first pressure pumping fleet,” said Bobby Chapman, EcoStim’s chief operating officer.

“This manufacturer has been building quality oilfield equipment for many years and already produced reliable equipment for our competition. We are very confident in the quality of this equipment and look forward to expanding our footprint.”

EcoStim believes the Vaca Muerta formation and growing tight gas activity continues to absorb the available supply of equipment. The oil and gas producers in the region who are developing unconventional, tight gas and conventional reservoirs are in need of good equipment and service capabilities and EcoStim is anxious to work with these producers to streamline the completion process and reduce cost.

“With our first pressure pumping and coiled tubing package arriving in Argentina, the level of interest from active producers has accelerated and based on the strong indications of interest, I am very happy that our board has made the decision to place this order,” said Miguel Di Vincenzo, EcoStim’s vice president of sales and technology. “By next July, we expect to have two fleets operating in Neuquén, Argentina. We will be actively working with oil and gas producers to identify the optimal region and application for this equipment. The local market remains strong and the activity levels are expected to continue expanding over the next three years.”

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