China expects shale to account for 20 percent of gas output –

BEIJING, Sept. 18 (UPI) — Though off to a slow start, the Chinese government said it expected gas production from shale will eventually make up about 20 percent of total output.

Beijing said it expected to get at least 60 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from shale deposits by 2020. Production this year will be around 1.5 bcf, but could increase tenfold within the next two years.

“If measures are appropriate, there is hope that production can reach 40 bcm – 60 bcm, accounting for roughly a fifth of total gas output,” Peng Qiming, director of exploration of the Ministry of Land Resources, said Wednesday.

The Chinese government said its consumption of natural gas should increase as it embraces a low-carbon economy. By 2020, Beijing expects the share of natural gas in the energy mix should be about 10 percent, about double the current footprint.

An August briefing from the U.S. Energy Information Administration says China may hold the largest reserves of technically recoverable shale natural gas in the world. Technical and geological challenges, however, could impede full-scale development.

China nearly tripled overall gas production since 2003.

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