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DALLAS, Sep 23, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — In the same week a new British report was released stating “University of Manchester scientists have now conducted one of the most thorough examinations of the likely environmental impacts of shale gas exploitation in the UK,” Breitling Energy Corporation’s President and CEO, Chris Faulkner, will address a Manchester fracking conference with the topic, ‘Fracking in the USA.’ The speech outlines possible correlations how England could benefit from unlocking its shale reserves, using the United States decade-long boom as model.

The University of Manchester report, released Monday at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, predicts that the UK holds enough shale gas to supply the nation’s energy demand for 470 years, and could end Britain’s reliance on foreign natural gas imports. Further, the report includes a comprehensive environmental study, indicating the hydraulic fracture stimulation process (fracking) is more favorable than offshore wind and solar in regards to toxicity to humans, depletion of natural resources, and its impact on freshwater and marine organisms.

Faulkner, an outspoken international advocate of fracking, will address the Fracking North: Continuing the Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas Conference, being held in Manchester, on Friday. “There’s more interest than ever in the UK about how they can provide their own energy,” Faulkner said. “We have Vladamir Putin to thank for England starting to realize just how much gas they have under their feet, and that it could actually be possible for them to be independent. This University of Manchester report is both telling and timely.”

In an unprecedented national referendum, Scotland voted last week to reject independence from the UK. By a 10-percent margin, Scottish voters decided the risk of betting an independent future on North Sea oil reserves was not worth the risk. “The people of Scotland realized there wasn’t enough potential revenue from the North Sea reserves to bet their children’s future on, and they made the right decision,” Faulkner said. “I don’t understand why so many people in England are vehemently opposed to a technology that could provide their energy for nearly the next half-millennium. But we keep chipping away at the message and we’re making good progress,” he added.

Faulkner noted the University of Manchester report validates his earlier claims in an advertisement Breitling Energy placed in The Telegraph last February claiming the UK had decades worth of natural gas supply locked up in shale formations. The claim was later criticized as unsubstantiated by the Advertising Standards Authority. “I guess we only missed it by a few centuries. I feel vindicated now that this academic team of scientists released an objective body of research validating what we’ve been saying,” Faulkner observed.

The University of Manchester announcement is available from the school’s website at


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