B.C. defends fracking record | Vancouver 24 hrs

B.C.’s Ministry of Natural Gas Development is pointing to the safety record of fracking in the province after federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau endorsed calls for a moratorium on shale gas exploration repeatedly made by New Brunswick’s Liberal Leader Brian Gallant.

“B.C. has never had a reported incident of water contamination resulting from the hydraulic fracturing process,” said a statement from the ministry which identifies the province as a “leader in safe, responsible natural gas development. B.C. requires all natural gas wells to have steel casing and cementing to a depth of 600 metres. This ensures complete isolation of water from a natural gas well.”

Gallant has called for hydraulic fracking to stop until further studies into their safety can be done.

When campaigning with him in Moncton, Trudeau said this is “reasonable” and he is “very much in agreement with Mr. Gallant in terms of fracking and shale gas.”

“I look forward to scientific studies that come out from all across the country and all around the world to get a better picture that’s going to allow us to move forward in a responsible way. We need to develop our natural resources, but we cannot put at risk future generations,” said Trudeau.

When asked, Trudeau said he could not think of an instance of proven contamination as result of fracking.

“This is why I’m turning to scientists to understand what those consequences are,” he said.

A 2013 independent study estimated the liquefied natural gas industry will create more than 100,000 jobs in the province over a nine-year period.

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