Aftermath of Ukraine Crisis: What Shale Europe Do? | Student Reporter

The reason for opposition to fracking in Germany has its own twist. The country’s brewers called on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to block shale gas exploration and development through hydraulic fracturing. The industry’s members claimed that fracking could damage the purity of German beer. Notwithstanding the brewers’ concerns, Germany has recently announced new rules on fracking, which after a two-year moratorium would allow this technology for gas extraction. However, Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said it has nothing to do with shale gas exploration, which, in her opinion, poses dangers to drinking water and people’s health.

“Bulgaria has not and will not in any way change its national legislation on shale gas,” said the country’s minister of environment and waters, Iskra Mihaylova, according to Bulgarian news agency. Chevron received permission to extract shale gas in Bulgaria in 2011, but because of widespread anti-fracking opposition, the parliament imposed a moratorium on shale gas drilling. After three years of limited activities, Chevron decided to leave the country. France ruled out fracking in 2012 and is looking into a new technique for extracting shale gas with nonflammable propane. This new technology has yet to be proven safe and efficient.

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