Feeding the lab with content.

The Lab is up and running and we are constantly collecting Tweets and publications since early September, 2013.

For the moment we have 2.335 articles in the repository for which we monitor 85 websites. The list is being updated as a Google Spreadsheet and we keep a close look to the revision history of the Weblogs/Sites on data journalism list.

Thanks to ScraperWiki, this far we have also collected 1.884 Tweets.

When we talk about data in the context of datajournalism, people mostly refer to “open data” and “big data” and pay a lot of attention to databases, visualisations and analysis. Since analysis is our main focus we can dig a little bit deeper into the concept and we soon find an interesting link about text analysis and Sensemaking.


The purpose of this exercise is not to search but to automatically find/retrieve interesting links.

This way – today – we discovered the Wordseer website.